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Historisch Briefhoofd van de Oprechte Haarlemmerolie - C. De Koning Tilly B.V.

Over 300 years ago, in 1696, Claes Tilly created “Genuine Haarlem Oil”.
In spite of very little promotion or advertising, it continues to exist as a family-run business up until the present day.

Its famous reputation was mostly established by word of mouth and people continue to acknowledge its healing and purifying properties enthusiastically: this in itself is quite unique!

Meanwhile the use of Haarlem Oil has spread all over the world and bottles can be found in all four corners of the world. Haarlem Oil is especially beneficial for the healing of wounds, it works as a desinfectant and is beneficial for both kidney and urinary tract.

Genuine Haarlem Oil is sold in pharmacies and drugstores, it is available in dropper bottles and can still be administered ‘the old fashioned way’: by putting drops on a lump of sugar. It is also sold in taste- and odour-free capsules.

Obviously the formula, invented by Claes Tilly, is still a carefully guarded family secret. Today the more than three-century-old family business of this wondrous remedy is owned by Ruud van Dobben, the 11th successor of Claes Tilly and a direct descendant. In 1935 his father succeeded his grandfather.

On this website we will guide you through the family history of Claes Tilly and show you all about the Haarlem Oil and its applications.