Historische Winkel HaarlemmerolieOn the left you can see the still existing pawnshop, locally known as the Haarlem Oil House, on the river Spaarne, which was also the birthplace of the inventor Claes Tilly. From here our famous product “Genuine Haarlem Oil” was traditionally sold to ships that sailed on a regular schedule for people & cargo and to pellars, providing they had a good reputation.

Gradually sales expanded thanks to missionary work, merchant shipping, exploration and further export around the globe. Because of this, the name HAARLEM (as in Haarlemmerolie, Haarlem Oil, Huile d’Haarlem, Haarlemmer Oel, Aceite de Haarlem) has captured its place on the world map.

These days domestic sales go through wholesalers, retailers, drugstores, health-food stores and most pharmacies.
Export is directly cared for. 

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