The successors of Claes Tilly


Claes Tilly - uitvinder Haarlemmerolie CLAES TILLY, who invented Haarlem Oil in 1696 was after his death succeeded by a grandson, Leendert Jonkhout, who called himself Leendert Jonkhout Tilly.
  After his death and because of the complicated testament, the management was taken over by Cornelis de Koning, baptized in Haarlem on 11th of March 1708. Due to the early death of Cornelis de Koning (buried the 27th of March 1743) a brother in law of Leendert Jonkhout briefly becomes an executive.
IIn 1764 his share passes on to the son of Cornelis de Koning (CLAES DE KONING TILLY) baptized 25th of June 1727, and died on 31th of January 1814.
Haarlemmerolie familiegeschiedenis - Leendert de Koning One year after the death of Claes de Koning Tilly it is LEENDERT DE KONING, acting under the name C. de Koning Tilly, who becomes director. 
  He was succeeded by his son CORNELIS DE KONING LEENDERTSZOON, baptized in Bloemendaal on October 13th 1758.
  In 1823 other participants were Claas Tilly (died on May 5th 1825) and Leendert Jonkhout de Koning (baptized in Bloemendaal on February 18th 1770, diseased childless on July 18th 1857) who succeeded Cornelis de Koning.
Haarlemmerolie familiegeschiedenis - Izaak Jacobus Koning In 1828 IZAAK JACOBUS DE KONING comes into the business. He died unwedded on November 15th 1871. 

Haarlemmerolie familiegeschiedenis Jan de Koning

Catharina de Koning en Johannes Frederik van Dobben

He was succeeded by JAN DE KONING, who withdrew from the business in 1892 and who diseased unmarried in Amsterdam on the 5th of April 1904.




CATHARINA DE KONING (sister of Jan de Koning) was the last "de Koning". She was married to J.F. van Dobben and in the line of succession, but her son Eduard Lodewijk Willem van Dobben became the successor.

Haarlemmerolie familiegeschiedenis - ELW van Dobben

EDUARD LODEWIJK WILLEM VAN DOBBEN the grandfather of the present owner, was far ahead of his time, mostly because the way he gave out 'premiums', like pens, lighters, thermometers, paper bags, pencils etc.

Relatiegeschenken / premiums door ELW van DobbenRelatiegeschenken / Premiums door ELW van Dobben
Haarlemmerolie - familiegeschiedenis Eddy van Dobben After Eduard Lodewijk Willem van Dobben left for France the company was temporarily run by his brother (Henri Frederik van Dobben) until, as intended, in 1935 his son EDDY VAN DOBBEN succeeded him.

Ruud van Dobben

Eddy is the father of the current director RUDY ALEX EDUARD BERNARD VAN DOBBEN, who has been working in the company since 1965. After the sudden death of his father in 1966 he continued running the business until the present day.

Because of his advanced age, Rudy recently decided in good consultation with the concerned family members, that the very unique product Genuine Haarlem Oil will continue to be promoted as a product with a very sound reputation and will thus remain a beacon on the waves of uncertain times.

The company will from now onwards however source its new director/owner by acquisition only, rather than by inheritance, as was common practice over the past centuries.

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